Kino Film Kraft Presents the Films of Ann Prim

  • How to Make the Girl, 2016 writer/director/editor (experimental)
  • VIKTOR, 2016 writer/director/editor (narrative)
  • NOTES FROM THERE, 2015 writer/director/editor (narrative)
  • DAS KINDERSPIEL, 2015 writer/director/camera/editor (experimental)
  • FILMETTO-PORTA 241, 2014 writer/director/camera/editor (experimental)
  • TIME HAS PEELED BACK THE SKIN OF THINGS, 2013 writer/director/camera/editor (experimental)
  • LITTLE WORDS, 2012 writer/director/editor (narrative)
  • THE LUCKY ONE, 2011 writer/director/editor (narrative)
  • A BRIEF CONVERSATION, 2010 writer/director/editor (narrative)
  • DEER HILL ROAD, 2009 writer/director/editor (narrative)
  • THE AFTERLING, 2009 writer/director/camera/editor (experimental)

The trailers to many of Ann Prim's films can be found on her vimeo channel.
Download the recent EPK for Viktor and find out more about this provocative short film VIKTOR.

Ann is passionate about telling stories of women's lives – especially stories that reveal the strength needed to survive and thrive. She creates characters who tend to dwell outside social norms and exist in the space between and in the process of becoming. As a writer-director-editor she challenges herself to discover alternatives to the linearity of narrative construction.

Kino Film Kraft umbrellas the creative projects of Ann Prim.

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