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2017-2018 Concert Season. Compelled by music... Passing it on!

Dear Friends,

Above every brilliant performance hovers an unheard legacy, thousands of words, gestures, and emotional interchanges which shaped that musician’s unique voice. No one had a more powerful in uence shaping the music of the twentieth century than the French music teacher Nadia Boulanger, and this season we pay homage to all those who pass along the secrets of music.

What makes a teacher great? What compelled thousands of composers, pianists and conductors to seek out Nadia Boulanger? Why was she called “the most in uential teacher since Socrates”, “midwife to genius”? In September we introduce Nadia Boulanger to you in our original conceptual work NADIA. Actress/singer Christina Baldwin stars as Nadia Boulanger, sharing with us memories of her life triggered by the chamber music of Copland, Piazzola, Bach, Quincy Jones and her beloved sister Lili. New for this concert only, we have two dates to choose from, September 17th at 4PM or September 18th at 7:30PM.

On January 21st, in Songs My Mother Taught Me, Stephanie Arado pays tribute to her Bohemian ancestors who, as immigrants to America, brought with them their passion for music as an integral part of their daily lives. We play Bohemian works by Martinu, born in a church tower, the Fairy Tales of Leos Janacek, and the string quartet of Janacek’s student, Pavel Haas, who died in Theresianstadt.

In the April 22nd concert, Closer to Home, our new Artistic Director Pitnarry Shin highlights the shaping of the American musical voice. Virgil Thomson and Aaron Copland developed “the American sound” under Boulanger’s tutelage, and Charles Ives collaged American folk music in a unique way. We end our season with the newest American voice, a green-haired 24 year old composer named TJ Cole.

We thank you for being with us for a compelling season of music honoring those who passed it on!

Best wishes,
Stephanie Arado, Mina Fisher and Pitnarry Shin
Artistic Directors of The Bakken Trio